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Welcome!, this is the comic book section, the heart and soul of my website, so please, enjoy!

On the first place, under the title "Original stories", you will find comics with my own characters; below is the "Based on videogames and cartoons" section. Click on each title or the images and there you go!

There is no comments section for now, sorry. If you have one question (or many) regarding any aspect of my content, feel free to write me an e-mail (go to the "ABOUT ME" page for the adress). I will definitely reply to every e-mail!!

If you like my comics, please be kind and share them to your friends, thank you.

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Original stories


Gomorrah, the adventurer orc



BURROGRÍS = BURRO (donkey) + GRIS (gray)

A hot blooded heart in a powerful body could be as dangerous as a devil... is there a fight in every corner?, or is the fight inside him that always goes by his side?...

This was my first original character, and you can see the resemblance to most super heroes: (1) costume, (2) strong guy fighting criminals; but, I hope my narrative style will make him less predictable for you.


The battle

A one-page comic I made as an excercise.


The long journey

A magical trip, the clash between the people in the city and the mountains... This comic was made for sending it to a competition in Macedonia, to which I was kindly invited via Facebook. Unfortunately, I couldn`t send it on time because I forgot the small time difference (about six hours)... Anyway, I think I made a good job with it, so here it is...


Based on videogames and cartoons



Samus Aran, the heroine from the "Metroid" series returns in a completely new adventure, lots of action and mistery!!



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